Integrate ESG as part of your project analysis to identify growth opportunities & potential risk.
Sustainability Advisory Services

Advisory: Sustainability / Environmental, Social, and Governance

With the rise of institutions across the world working to establish better ESG standards, many companies and organizations are interested in disclosing their ESG metrics to prepare for a future in which these may become mandatory.

Solas Energy Consulting assists corporations to develop ESG goals, assess performance against goals, and advises them in developing a strategy to achieve those goals.

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The breadth of our team’s experience ranges from voluntary offsets through the compliance market, to integrating green procurement practices into corporate supply chain management, and integrating metrics for C-level compensation.

Our Sustainability and Environmental, Social, and Governance services include:

  • Assisting in the establishment of ESG goals
  • Sustainability and environmental performance benchmarking, monitoring, and verification
  • Providing assistance to your team to achieve Scope 1, Scope 2, or Scope 3 emissions reductions
  • Identifying opportunities for meeting ESG goals
  • Sustainability reporting and governance
  • Energy consumption and energy efficiency
  • Green energy procurement strategies
  • Government policy impact

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Provide corporate sustainability assessment, comprehensive ESG strategy, and training focused on improved sustainability and employee wellness for global mining company.

Environmental Assessment

Complete environmental assessments, including GHG, air, water, and land impacts for clean technology companies to support funding requirements and potential investor engagement.

ESG Reporting

Benchmark sustainability performance and policies against industry peers. Provide ESG report identifying opportunities for improved sustainable development practices and policies.

Whitecourt Power, a facility of Capstone Infrastructure’s in Alberta, has an active Offset Project generating Carbon Credits and other GHG reporting requirements. We use Solas exclusively to guide us in the execution of this work.

Solas provides exceptional advisory services on greenhouse gas emission reductions and offset quantification work. They have an intimate knowledge of the GHG policies and are adept in work with them.

Leonard Sanche, Plant Manager, Capstone Infrastructure Corporation
Whitecourt Power LP

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Solas Energy leads the way in helping companies and organizations achieve a sustainable, zero-carbon future. Specializing in renewable energy, energy storage, hydrogen, electric vehicles (EV), biomass, geothermal, grid modernization, and climate change solutions, we support utility and commercial scale projects throughout their project life cycle.

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