A strong development process requires innovation and careful groundwork.
Development Business Life Cycle

Business Life Cycle: Development

Solas Energy Consulting will help you select the best site for your wind and solar projects based on optimal wind and solar resources, taking into account existing infrastructure, geography, stakeholder concerns, environmental constraints, and access to the grid, among other important considerations.

Choosing the best technology for your project is critical to its long-term viability. We have extensive knowledge of the best technology available as it continues to improve and evolve.

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When relevant, we also advise on engagement and developing beneficial relationships with host communities and landowners to make the development, construction, and operations processes smooth and transparent.

Business Lifecycle: Development

Our development services include:

  • Site prospecting and development
  • Technology selection
  • Commercial contracting
  • Advisory services
  • Solar glare analysis
  • Economic evaluation
  • Energy Storage Systems feasibility and market
  • Environmental Assessment and Permitting
  • Layouts, site plans, and constructability analysis

A robust development process is key to your project’s success.
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About Solas Energy Consulting

Solas Energy leads the way in helping companies and organizations achieve a sustainable, zero-carbon future. Specializing in renewable energy, energy storage, hydrogen, electric vehicles (EV), biomass, geothermal, grid modernization, and climate change solutions, we support utility and commercial scale projects throughout their project life cycle.

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