Set a powerful course for your energy future.
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Business Life Cycle: Strategy

Our multidisciplinary team works with senior executives, industry associations, corporate boards, and business owners to plan the strategic future for their businesses.

In the energy industry, change is the only constant. New technologies are developed, existing technologies are improved, and costs are shifting. These advances drive changes in policy, shareholder goals, and business strategy. Strategic initiatives must consider how each of these areas will impact business goals moving forward.

We want your next steps to be the right ones.

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We help you:

  • Understand the impacts that climate legislation could have on your business
  • Navigate the complexities of the ever-changing energy industry to make the best decisions for your bottom line
  • Make informed decisions about future investments and project plans
  • Invest confidently in new markets, products, and services
  • Develop a secure risk management and mitigation plan
  • Build a growth strategy that works
  • Create a clear operations strategy
  • Implement a merger and acquisition (M&A) strategy

Chart an innovative course for your energy future.
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Provide corporate sustainability assessment, comprehensive ESG strategy, and training focused on improved sustainability and employee wellness for global mining company.


End of Life

Complete repowering economic and feasibility analysis, including high-level review of options for 264 MW operating wind farm nearing the end of its life cycle.

RFP Support


Review corporate RFP practices and develop standardized RFP template package for evaluating contractor bids, and screening of bids resulting in recommended contractor short list.

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