Identify the current and growing role of technologies in particular industries and markets.
Industry Studies of Emerging Technologies

Industry Studies: Emerging Technologies

We stay on top of new technologies and innovations and advise our clients on their best options based on considerations such as the existing site layout and technologies on the site, existing asset end-of-life analysis, budget, cost-benefit, and the technology options available. These services apply both to new projects and repowered projects.

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Our emerging technologies services include:

  • Technology review, including feasibility, intellectual property, and environmental benefits
  • Business plan evaluation, including market characteristics, regulations, commercialization model, value proposition, and profitability
  • Work plan evaluation, schedule, milestones, budget, and funding
  • Partner evaluation, including management and ownership
  • Project-specific review and reports (per strategy / development)
  • Environmental Impact / benefit evaluations, including greenhouse gas, water, air, and land

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