Our People at Solas Energy Consulting

Team: Our People

Solas Energy Consulting, a women-owned enterprise, provides comprehensive consulting services for renewable energy solutions throughout Canada and the US. The company’s expertise spans development and management of industrial and commercial projects involving wind, solar, hydrogen, energy storage, electrical vehicles (EV), and hydropower.

With over 20 years of experience in project development, construction management, and climate change advisory, Solas Energy provides its clients with the depth and perspective required to navigate the complex issues associated with renewable energy project development and climate change policy.

Team: Our People
Evelyn Carpenter

Evelyn Carpenter

President & CEO
Evelyn is the co-founder of Solas Energy Consulting and has been a distinguished member of the renewable energy industry for over 20 years. In addition to her project management and due diligence experience, she specializes in risk assessment, operational reviews, and oversight of construction projects. Evelyn has proven success in a rapidly changing industry, leading the organization to grow and respond to new technologies, markets, and policies. She takes great pride in mentoring and developing a new generation of renewable energy professionals.
Paula McGarrigle

Paula McGarrigle

Managing Director
Paula is the co-founder of Solas Energy Consulting. A respected professional with 20+ years of experience in the renewable energy sector, Paula has participated in many industry shaping projects as well as numerous policy initiatives by governments and industry associations. She enjoys the challenge of a growing industry which is incorporating new technologies, developing new markets, and responding to evolving regulatory regimes at a rapid rate.
Adrienne McGarrigle

Adrienne McGarrigle

Project Lead
Adrienne has extensive experience navigating regulatory matters for renewable energy projects. She has completed competitive reviews and supported feasibility analysis, constraints analysis, and due diligence reports for many projects across North America. Adrienne also coordinates our climate change education presentations. She finds great satisfaction supporting the future of renewable energy both locally and around the world.
Alison Gunther

Allison Gunther

GIS Technician
Allison supports GIS tasks for a wide range of projects and serves as the lead drone pilot for Solas Energy. Her experience includes remote sensing, geospatial analysis for habitat distribution, and modeling climate change scenarios, as well as advanced image analysis techniques. Allison enjoys providing the critical information and analysis that project leaders require to make the best decisions for their project.
Andrew Zakhem Solas Energy Consulting

Andrew Zakhem

Electrical Project Engineer
With over 2 years’ experience in commercial and residential solar as a designer and installation manager and an internship in large-scale construction, Andrew has development and on-site experience with projects of varying scale. Andrew uses his electrical and mechanical engineering background to assist with technical contract, design, and electrical review and develops preliminary designs, specifications, and estimates. His love for renewable energy led him to Solas Energy, he enjoys the innovation in the industry and strives to work towards a greener future. 
Christian Forster

Christian Forster

Assistant Project Manager
Christian has over 8 years of construction industry experience. He has a technical background in environmental consulting, supporting the commercial and energy development sectors. Joining Solas Energy in 2020, Christian supports project management on renewable energy projects as a member of the Construction Management division. His combination of environmental consulting and construction management experience gives him a unique skill set to keep projects on track. As a life-long outdoorsman, he enjoys working in an industry that will create a more sustainable future.

Christine Felz

Environmental Project Manager
Christine is a seasoned environmental professional with experience in permitting, compliance, and due diligence services throughout the entire project lifecycle. Her expertise extends to land management and permitting, water rights, contract negotiations, property due diligence, and community engagement. Christine enjoys using her problem-solving skills to create a cohesive project from many individual pieces. She views each project holistically to find a balance between community input, operational needs, and environmental stewardship.

Chloe Ford

Assistant Environmental Project Manager
Chloe is an environmental professional with over 8 years of compliance and permitting experience. Her expertise extends to developing and implementing Environmental Management Systems that cater towards the ultimate goal of a more sustainable workplace. Chloe is committed to using her skills and passion for solving the complex social and environmental challenges the renewable energy industry faces.

Clay Yellow Horn

Renewable Energy Technologist 
Clay holds a diploma from the Southern Alberta Institution of Technology (SAIT) Polytechnic in Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET). Clay has telecommunications, and oil and gas field experience as well as experience in technical evaluation and design review. He is detail oriented and has strong QA/QC skills in data management. Clay joined Solas Energy Consulting in 2021 as a Renewable Energy Analyst. Clay has contributed to the submission of two AUC applications totaling to 726.6 MW.

Felipe Uscátegui 

Director of Project and Construction Management  
Felipe brings over 40 years of energy industry experience to his leadership role within the Construction Management division. His experience includes construction planning, engineering, and project management for the development and execution of more than 4 GW of utility-scale wind, solar, energy storage, and biomass generation facilities. Felipe finds satisfaction in building renewable energy infrastructure to support a sustainable, zero-carbon future. He also brings a strong background in global management to his role, and fluency in English, Spanish, French, and Italian. 
Gabriel Risbud-Vincent

Gabriel Risbud-Vincent

Renewable Energy Analyst
After completing two summer terms with Solas Energy during his university studies, Gabe has recently returned to us after graduating with his engineering degree. Gabe provides support on a variety of renewable energy projects, including designing computer programs for data analysis, completing glare reports, and contributing to numerous project reports. Gabe is excited to be actively helping to reduce the world’s carbon footprint through his work with Solas Energy.
Jade Glaister Solas Energy Consulting

Jade Glaister

Emerging Technology Intern
Jade is a student at Colorado School of Mines, studying mechanical engineering and energy. She is very passionate about renewable energy and aims to further develop its growth in the energy industry. As the renewable energy emerging technology intern, Jade researches new technologies, primarily robotics and artificial intelligence, that could benefit the clean energy industry. She hopes to apply her findings to improve the implementation of renewable energy and distribution of energy resources.

Jami Wong

Communications Manager
Jami manages Solas Energy’s marketing initiatives, branding, and press in the US. She holds an MBA and has over 20 years of experience in developing marketing organizations focused on semiconductors, software, and sustainability. Jami chose to start working in clean tech over 10 years ago because she sees sustainability as part of her personal responsibility and legacy.
Jon Johnson

Jon Johnson

Senior Construction Manager
As a Senior Construction Manager, Jon has over 18 years of experience in construction management, including over 10 years of utility-scale wind and solar projects, transmission line, and substation construction. Jon’s expertise includes site supervision, site safety, QA/QC oversight, managing equipment suppliers, managing construction contractors, and contract compliance. Jon has overseen construction on over 2000MW of wind, solar, and battery energy storage projects across the US and Canada. He is proud to use his skills to make a positive impact on rural communities with the development of renewable energy projects.
Joseph Block Solas Energy Consulting

Joseph Block

Assistant Electrical Project Manager
Joseph is a veteran and electrical professional with 13 years of technical and project management experience. His electrical engineering studies focus on energy systems, power electronics, and energy economics at Colorado School of Mines. His work with energy infrastructure includes developing and verifying designs for wind, solar, hydro, and geothermal energy generation totaling over 1.5GW. Joseph’s responsibilities focus on the design and construction management of projects under development, construction, or operation.
Julie Hunter

Julie Hunter

Accounting Manager
Julie is a Senior Finance and Accounting Executive with over 25 years of management experience in the public and private sectors. Julie is dedicated, detail-oriented, and has been meeting the accounting needs of Solas Energy Consulting since 2016. She enjoys working with our clients, vendors, and employees and strives to build trusting relationships so that all business processes and requirements are met. Julie specializes in all aspects of business management, legal necessities, insurance requirements, taxes, cost accounting, planning, budgeting, payroll, and human resources.
Katie Calsyn

Katie Calsyn

Project Engineer
Katie is a graduate of Colorado State University with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Katie has always wanted to work in renewable energy and be part of the growth of clean power in the US to lessen the effects of climate change. With Solas Energy, she has supported over 1 GW of PV and BESS Projects with research, inspection, progress tracking, and construction management. Katie loves being able to continue learning about advancements in the renewable energy world.
Laureen Wray

Laureen Wray

Office Manager
Laureen Wray is a well-rounded professional with expertise in team leadership and organizational administration. She has supported many renewable energy projects as well as coordinating a climate change education initiative offering training and support to Alberta educators.
Marinda Hanson

Marinda Hanson

Staff Scientist
Marinda is an attentive team member with experience in project management and organization, research, and due diligence. Joining Solas Energy in 2020, she provides consulting support for utility-scale renewable projects through environmental compliance, regulatory and permitting support, and cultural resource management expertise. With a strong, multi-disciplinary fieldwork background, Marinda’s drive to contribute to the renewable energy industry is rooted in environmental stewardship and the preservation of resources.
Maureen Kolla

Maureen Kolla

Director of Grid Modernization & ESG
Maureen’s deep understanding of renewable energy, electricity distribution, and developing technologies provides invaluable perspective to our clients. Her focus on relationship building, strategic planning, and project development helps projects grow from idea through execution. Maureen founded the Alberta Smart Grid Consortium and sits on the Board of Directors of Green Learning Canada.
Melody Cote

Melody Cote

Assistant Project Manager & Senior Project Administrator
With over 25 years of industry experience, Melody has earned a reputation as a valuable, versatile team member. Her responsibilities include procedure development and implementation, cost accounting and forecasting, contract management, due diligence, progress reporting, FAA filing, Compliance Management System development, project close-out, and QA/QC oversight. Melody has provided construction administration support on 1048.4MW of wind and solar projects across the US and managing budgets totaling over $1.9 Billion.

Michelle Hauer

Renewable Energy Analyst
Building upon her Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Michelle has gained considerable experience supporting the development of technical standards for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. She has led numerous green building education initiatives and is excited to use her research, knowledge, and experience to encourage sustainability-related behaviour changes that will reduce our environmental footprint.

Michelle Nicholson

Project Scientist
Michelle is a graduate of Lipscomb University in Nashville with a Master of Science degree in Sustainable Practices. She has always been interested in creating a more sustainable world, learning about renewable technologies, and finding a way to communicate both to a broader audience. Joining Solas Energy in 2022, Michelle supports projects and clients through her background in project management, logistics, international business, and communications.
Sheridyn Randolph

Sheridyn Randolph

Project Engineer
With over 4 years of industry experience and a technical background in environmental engineering, Sheridyn assists with environmental compliance and monitoring, permitting, bid evaluations, due diligence, and provides construction support by managing scope and design obligations. Since joining Solas Energy, Sheridyn has grown to love the fast-paced environment and developing industry of renewable energy. She enjoys the feeling of camaraderie in the industry and the drive make a difference for future generations.

Shrian Jivan

Project Engineer Intern
Shrian is a student at Colorado School of Mines where he is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering. Having completed 2 years at Mines, Shrian has gained a passion for renewable energy, sustainability, and development of clean power. Through Solas, Shrian has familiarity with PV and BESS systems over 1 GW in size. Shrian supports projects and clients through research, project management, and organization. 

Stephen Glendinning

Senior Associate
Stephen has two decades of experience as an environmental consultant. He has a strong technical foundation in environmental assessment, pre-construction monitoring programs, due diligence, regulatory review, and post-construction monitoring. Stephen takes pride in helping renewable energy projects meet all of their environmental goals.
Troy Brannan

Troy Brannan

Electrical Manager
Troy is an Electrical Inspector with over 6 years of electrical management experience with an emphasis on industrial electrical systems and controls. His background in Electrical Technology includes extensive fieldwork as well as project planning and client relations. As a member of the Construction Management division since 2020, Troy has supported on-site construction teams through electrical installation inspections. He enjoys using his extensive electrical knowledge to help find creative solutions in the renewables industry.
Vincent Prado

Vincent Prado

Quality Manager
With over 7 years of industry experience, Vincent leads Solas Energy’s QA/QC services within the Construction Management division. He has worked on over 2GW of wind and solar projects including new construction, operations, and repower. Vincent is proficient in QA/QC on Vestas, Acciona/Nordex, GE, Clipper, and Siemens Gamesa turbine platforms. After recognizing a shift in the energy market, he took the opportunity to move into renewables and is proud to help improve the lives of others in this growing industry.
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About Solas Energy Consulting

Solas Energy leads the way in helping companies and organizations achieve a sustainable, zero-carbon future. Specializing in renewable energy, energy storage, hydrogen, electric vehicles (EV), biomass, geothermal, grid modernization, and climate change solutions, we support utility and commercial scale projects throughout their project life cycle.

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What is Fleet Management

Fleet management is used by any sort of organization that requires commercial vehicles in order to function. The term “fleet” is referring to the assortment of commercial vehicles used by the company. Fleet management essentially oversees all of the fleet and its performance, as well as overseeing the maintenance of the fleet. This is, of course, crucial to the business because it can affect accuracy and efficiency, among other things. 

Fleet managers usually try to focus on improving the productivity of the fleet, and they may do a variety of tasks. These include vehicle maintenance, driver management, route planning, and more. They use programs and software to help to manage the fleet, too. Vehicle telematics and fleet management software are the most commonly used programs for a fleet manager. Telematics, for instance, can help to collect data so that fleet managers can analyze things such as vehicle location diagnostics and dispatch units. After analyzing all of this, the fleet managers can then optimize their service.

What is Fleet Decarbonization

Transportation is one of the most pollution-heavy industries, as it is an industry that uses a lot of fossil fuels. It is also one of the parts of other kinds of businesses that contribute the most to pollution– so, even if it is an apparel company, for instance, the transportation of goods can still add a lot to their carbon footprint. One of the ways that people are trying to combat that these days is with fleet decarbonization. So, what is fleet decarbonization and what does it mean, exactly?

Fleet decarbonization refers to attempts that are being made to reduce the carbon footprint of a fleet. This can take on a few different firms, such as using electrical energy or solar power to fuel the vehicles instead. Some fleets may also explore innovations in logistics and alternative drivetrain technologies. Many energy firms are beginning to offer fleet decarbonization as a service which they can consult, and they can then help a business implement these changes to their fleet. Sometimes, this may involve implementing new technologies, and other times, it may require that the old fleet vehicles be replaced by new models that are more eco-friendly– for example, replacing an old fleet with electrically powered vehicles instead.

What is Fleet Optimization

Optimization is, by definition, “the action of making the best or most effective use of a resource or situation”. When it comes to fleet optimization, specifically, this is when a fleet manager works to increase the fleet’s productivity but also decrease costs at the same time. As the name suggests, they are trying to optimize the fleet of vehicles.

 There are many ways that a fleet manager may try to do this. One example is by implementing fleet trackers, or GPS, to collect data that can be analyzed and acted upon. It can help to improve vehicle routing and other important data. For instance, it may also help to decrease fuel costs by changing up and improving driver routes, or it could help to promote security and safety, reducing thefts and subsequent loss of equipment. All of these are key improvements to a fleet.

Many of the ways that a fleet manager may achieve fleet optimization involve collecting, tracking, and analyzing data so that they can make smart and informed business decisions for the fleet, which will ultimately benefit the company. 

What is an EV Charging Infrastructure Plan

EV charging refers to electrical vehicle charging stations. Electric vehicles can be great for the environment, but they pose a new challenge in that you cannot simply fuel up at the gas station. You will have to find an electric charging station– something that is not quite as common as a gas station is! This is partly because electric vehicles are newer and are still not as mainstream as cars that run on gasoline. Therefore, if you are trying to decarbonize your fleet and try to use electric vehicles, you will need to make sure that you do your research and will have access to EV charging stations nearby and on the drivers’ routes as well.

An EV charging infrastructure plan is the next level of EV charging stations. It is not simply referring to one charging station, but rather, to a program that will help to create a network of charging stations across an area– typically, across the country. This will make it easier to charge your electric vehicles, as it will make charging stations more common and accessible. The idea is that electric vehicles will then also be seen as more desirable, as this plan removes some of the obstacles that are making people hesitate to choose an electric car. 

What is a Corporate Green Fleet Action Plan

A green fleet is a fleet of vehicles that are trying to reduce their carbon footprint and has succeeded. Rather than only focusing on transporting things to where they need to be, this type of fleet implements energy saving and other green initiatives. There are more businesses trying to do this today, as our environmental impact becomes more of a concern. Different companies may come up with their own Green Fleet Action plan, but essentially, this is where a company outlines plans to implement certain initiatives and reduce their impact. The specifics and exact goals of this plan may vary from business to business– it is not necessarily a one size fits all initiative.

One of the ways that a company may implement green fleet initiatives is to switch to electric vehicles with a goal of being entirely fossil fuel free by a certain year or date. Another specific goal could be to cut their fleet’s emissions in half by a certain date. Part of the green fleet action plan is that these goals need to be specific and actionable so that they can be measured and the company is able to hold themselves accountable– or be held accountable by others. 

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