EVs reduce emissions, which means less fossil fuel consumption, lower ecological impact, and overall pollution reductions.
Electric Vehicle Technology

Technologies: Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Plug-in electric vehicles (electric cars or EVs) offer a huge opportunity to cut down on our reliance on petroleum, from industry transportation to individual vehicles. With a well-established grid in most countries combined with ever-improving battery technologies, our future in energy-sustainable transportation is looking bright.

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EVs reduce emissions, which means less fossil fuel consumption, ecological impact, and pollution which leads to improved health outcomes, especially in densely populated metropolitan areas.

Our electrical vehicle infrastructure services include:

  • Policy and regulatory evaluation
  • Modelling of national vehicle fleets to evaluate potential EV integration rates
  • Evaluating regulatory trends and impact of policies
  • Completing verification of emission reductions generated through EV charging
  • Providing development services for charging site preparation and permitting
  • Fleet charge and discharge modelling
  • Market analysis
  • Value chain assessment
Electric Vehicles (image of EV charging)

Solas Energy Consulting offers a deep understanding of current and future market penetration of EVs, customer motivations, market segmentation, value chain providers, and grid impacts of the rapidly accelerating EV industry.

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