Energy storage innovations are driving market pricing to highly competitive levels.
Energy Storage Technology

Technologies: Energy Storage

Energy storage is one of the most exciting developments in the global energy and transportation industries, and one that we focus on as an innovative energy consulting company.

Energy storage can be located at generation, on grid, or at load. It has a multitude of applications including arbitrage, ancillary services, load shifting, and renewable energy smoothing. Not all energy storage technologies offer the same solutions and we can help you find the most suitable technology for your specific needs.

We have extensive experience in battery energy storage systems (BESS), including lithium-ion technology. We support energy storage applications both in front of and behind the meter.

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Our expertise spans technology review, technology selection, and project development, including engineering, andfactory acceptance test reviews. We provide permitting and regulatory support, and construction management services, including procurement, installation, and controls integration.

Solas Energy Consulting has conducted technology and feasibility reviews for compressed air energy storage, pumped hydro storage, flywheels, and thermal storage.

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Solas Energy Consulting offers:

  • Technology evaluations for use cases
  • Energy storage feasibility studies and economic evaluation
  • Project optimization for the optimal size for your use case
  • Permitting and regulatory support
  • Procurement and project management
  • Experience integrating energy storage and renewable energy projects for maximum efficiency and market reward
  • In Canada, Solas Energy is a member of the Alberta Electric System Operator Energy Storage Leadership Information Forum and provides key advice that will inform the development of the energy storage market and regulations in Alberta.
  • In the US, we are a member of the California Energy Storage Alliance, and are a current member of the Colorado Solar and Storage Association having previously sat on the board.

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Owner’s representative for 139 MW 480 MWh array project with 51 battery enclosures housed in a non-integrated battery energy storage system (BESS).

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